CHAT / China Hotel Development and Financing Conference - Moderator

2012 March

CHAT / China Hotel Development and Financing Conference Beijing, China, Panel Moderator

Horwath HTL, STR Global and China Tourist Hotel Association have created a new brand identity – CHAT, tailored for China’s hotel and tourism industry! CHAT, the abbreviation for China Hotels And Tourism, encourages industry people to gather, create dialogues and network through the platform, as well as to exchange and share experience and knowledge. CHAT Beijing is an enhancement of “China Hotel Development and Financing Conference,” which has been held for 11 years. There were more than 650 delegates that attended CHAT Beijing 2015, with the largest number being Chinese domestic hotel developers and owners. CHAT Shanghai is an upgrade of our annual “China Hotel Market Review and Outlook Seminar,” which has been held over the past 8 years. Over 510 delegates attended CHAT Shanghai in September 2015. CHAT Beijing and CHAT Shanghai, held in spring and autumn respectively, cover the entire business cycle of hotel and tourism projects, from development and investment to asset management and operations. Among the participants, 36% were owners and developers, 33% came from corporate level hotel management companies, 14% were architects and interior designers, 12% were industry professionals (lawyers, consultants), and 5% were from media and other associates.

In 2012 Yvette moderated a round table session on Hotel Branding in China. Panel: Bernold Schroeder, Jin Jiang Hotels; Peter Mack, Landor Associates; Simon Tye, Ipsos; Colin Lin, Marriott International; Nick Barton, IHG

China Hotel Development and Financing Conference