Craft House combines the global expertise and insights of consultants from the hospitality industry with deep experience in the creation of exclusive hotels, private member’s clubs, restaurants and destinations.




No line of business requires competence in as many skill sets as the hospitality industry. Depending on the property and context, one project team may need the best thinking on brand strategy and ways to translate that strategy into physical form and service experiences, while another may need us to provide expert advice on the latest in revenue management strategies, how to design within the confines of a landmark building, or the best maker of walk-in coolers in which to age Kobe beef.

Amongst all these skills, the single skill that is the most important, as any experienced hospitality executive knows, is the ability to build and direct teams in the first place. Having someone who can identify and prioritize client needs, nominate the individuals or agencies with the skills most likely to deliver, and guide the complexities and multiple work-streams of the realization process lies at the heart of success.

This is our role at Craft House.


Collectively, our core team has over 160 years of hospitality experience and 70 years of consulting experience under our belts. We have deep connections in the hospitality community and related categories across the world, at every stage of the hospitality product and service lifecycle. We know the specialists who are otherwise unattainable, those who prefer dynamic project work to full-time work, and we know their strengths and weaknesses. Once we get a chance to know you, we will know which experts will fit best with YOUR team culture. And if we don’t know exactly the right person for your project, we almost certainly know someone who will. Together with our directors, these custom built project teams are assembled with your unique challenge at our hearts and with a realistic assessment of budgets, timing and desired outcomes.

No formulas, no standard deliverables, no me-too ideas, no limitations of the fixed staff agency model. For your inspiring destination, you need creative solutions. And creative solutions require project teams that have been purpose-built with you in mind.





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