Craft House combines the global expertise and insights of consultants from the hospitality industry with deep experience in the creation of exclusive hotels, private member’s clubs, restaurants and destinations.



Our Approach

Founded in 2011, Craft House combines the global expertise of consultants from the hospitality industry with deep experience in creating exclusive hotels, private member’s clubs, restaurants and destinations. Collectively, our core team has over 160 years of global hospitality expertise and 70 years of consulting experience across categories. This unique collaboration of category talent allows us to partner with clients to create successful businesses in a holistic process that streamlines and integrates creative, development, operating and financial strategies and execution in the hospitality industry.

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Hospitality Brand Strategies

Craft House strongly believes that a hospitality or lifestyle brand is as important as its personnel or infrastructure. A brand is the way they externalize their assets and sets the tone for an expected guest experience. Brand strategies we develop act as the foundation for companies as they evolve into the future.

Hospitality FinanCial Strategies

While developing a beautifully executed project is one measure of success, nothing is more important than its long term financial sustainability. We align investment and financial strategies with business goals from the early stages of development and throughout the life of a project. 

Hospitality Operating STrategies

Many hospitality ventures focus on hardware and design, the physical product, its facilities, and the quality or quantity of amenities. However, service standards are becoming more prevalent to today’s discerning guests. Craft House customizes operating strategies that are brand specific, customer focused and operationally viable while keeping budget needs in mind.  


For select projects, Craft House will work closely with clients to understand who or what is needed to help execute the their business vision. Task force teams assist for a defined period of time with ownership or brand transitions, expansion or organizational change. Executive search places executives in key leadership roles. 

Hospitality CSR Strategies

Sustainability means many things to many people, but is undoubtedly becoming an essential part of business practices in hospitality. Our understanding of the business case for sustainable tourism allows us to consult clients in the development of strategies with measurable commitments and activities to improve environmental stewardship, social awareness, and increasing the bottom line.

Hospitality Training & Development

Providing employees with proper training and continued support empowers them to make decisions in the business’ best interests. Craft House works with companies to develop customized training programs, or modify existing ones, to be relevant, inspiring, stimulating, and most importantly, effective. 

In so many ways Craft House directors understood our challenges and needs better than we could articulate. Over time their team has become an integral partner of ours, helping on many different levels and at different stages.


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