TEDxHKUST - Yvette Jong Speaker

TEDxHKUST Hong Kong, Speaker

TEDxHKUST's theme 'Diverse Brilliance' illuminates a significant aspect of our speakers' backgrounds - their experiences in diverse cultures. All our speakers, besides emerging from different professional arenas, have had remarkable success in different cultures. And they are all set to blow you away with their brilliant ideas.

Yvette Jong

Yvette is not just your “cool, calm and collected” New Yorker in Hong Kong, but so much more. There is a never a dull moment with her - her passions are so varied that she has a wall full of ideas and to-do lists that are miles long. She is a globetrotter at heart and has worked in hospitality for 13 years, wearing many hats in the private and non-profit sector after graduating from Cornell University. She has most recently started her own company offering creative and operational strategies in the lifestyle and hospitality sectors. She also runs a blog discussing the good, the bad and the ugly. Other passions: to be a philanthropist/ jeweller/ ranch owner. Her next dream holiday: a cattle drive. Told you, no dull moments.