Brilliant use of social media by independent hotels


The use of social media by hotels is becoming commonplace, but while large hotel chains take their time thinking about strategies and best practices, independent hotel operators are taking great strides to creatively and effectively communicate with their guests.  In 2011, We’ve seen some brilliant marketing schemes using social media and would love to know if you’ve come across any others.

“Make all your Facebook friends jealous”

This summer, the Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel, which has one of Ibiza’s large nightclubs connected its guests and clubbers through social media using RFID wristbands.  Guests who wore the bands could “check-in” at the pool, the beach, the dancefloor, etc. to instantly update their Facebook status.  The outcome?  At the beginning of the season they had 4,000 Facebook fans.  By the end of the season they had close to 70,000.

Facebook integration Ushuaïa Beach Hotel from Dorst & Lesser // Social Media on Vimeo.

“Stay a night, steal the art”

Art Series Hotels is a small boutique hotel group in Australia that dedicates each of its hotels to a celebrated artist.  Between Dec 15 and Jan 15, they’re challenging their guests to steal one of their pieces of art!  Using Twitter and Facebook, guests will receive clues as to the whereabouts of the AUD 15,000 piece of work and if you successfully find it, you keep it.

What others have you seen?