Weigh-what-you-eat concepts


After attending a workshop on carbon/water footprinting last week I can certainly appreciate a restaurant concept in Hong Kong that promotes conscious eating and food waste awareness.  Harvester is a no-frills restaurant behind Western Market with soft temple music and communal seating, where you weigh what you eat and pay per 100 grams.  On top of that, brown rice, soup, dessert and purified water are served free - just help yourself. Harvester Shop A&B, G/F Yardley Commercial Building New Market Street (Just behind Western Market) Sheung Wan, Hong Kong +852 2542 4788

Harvester is also a partner in Table for Two. TFT partners with restaurants, corporate cafeterias, and other food establishments to serve healthy, nutritionally balanced TFT-branded meals. Every HK$2 ( about US25 cents) donation will help provide a nutritional school lunch to children in countries including Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia, and China. www.tablefor2.org.hk

If you're interested in knowing the water footprint of food products, visit www.waterfootprint.org