Craft House Client, Classic Car Club, Featured In Design Milk

Classic Car Club, Manhattan

Classic Car Club, Manhattan

After years of operation in Soho, The Classic Car Club has moved to its new 40,000 square foot members club at Pier 76. The CCC hired Craft House to assist with the business plan including all elements of membership and financial strategies, facilities programming, kitchen layouts and menu development, hr structuring and executive search.

NYC’s Classic Car Club Gets a New Home at Pier 76

Whether you want to have access to a fleet of classic cars or you just want to hang and be near them, the Classic Car Club offers that and then some.

By Caroline Williamson, Design Milk

Founded in London in 1995, the club landed in Manhattan’s Soho neighborhood in 2005 upon arrival in the States before recently needing a new place to call home. CCC enlisted one of their very own members, architect Marc Thorpe of Marc Thorpe Design, to design the new club, which now takes up residence at Pier 76 by the Hudson River.

The CCC offers classic auto-loving New Yorkers the unique opportunity to drive their lot of cars on top of access to their new car-inspired club. While the 40,000-square-foot club gives nod to car culture, Thorpe does it in a subtle and intriguing way that makes the industrial space feel welcoming and sophisticated.

Inside you’ll find an 8,000-square-foot auto showroom and event space, a 5,000-square-foot private members lounge and bar, 3,000-square-foot outdoor terrace, 1,000-square-foot kitchen, 5,000-square-foot automotive workshop, and lastly, a 2,500-square-foot semi-public park.