Award Presenter for the Annual HICAP Conference

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HICAP Sustainable Hotel Awards, Hong Kong

Craft House Founder and Director, Yvette Jong, has had the pleasure of presenting one of the annual HICAP Sustainable Hotel Awards for many years. Jong has always had a passion for building spaces that are good for the environment, community and investors. She was first introduced to HICAP in 2007 while working at Howarth. Prior to founding Craft House, Jong published a study in 2010 for HICAP and WWF about sustainable hotels and has been introducing the Sustainable Hotel Awards since.  

Anantara Golden Triangle Resort & Spa in Chiang Rai, Thailand receives The 2012 HICAP Sustainable Hotel Award for Sustainable Destination

From the beginning, Anantara Golden Triangle Resort & Spa was designed to blend in with and protect the surrounding environment. During the refurbishment of the pre-existing buildings, recycled wood and locally sourced materials were used as part of a “contemporary interpretation of classic Thai” design scheme highlighting the area’s distinctive hill-tribe and Buddhist cultures. Enforcement of non-hunting and shing regulations covering the 400-acre property gave native species a rare haven in the local environment. In addition, tree planting schemes and international standard waste water treatment practices were developed and implemented to further support and ensure environmental integrity.

Recognizing the opportunity provided by the resort’s 160 acres of natural bamboo forest, nature trails and riverbanks, the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation was created with the purpose of helping elephants that have been subjected to abuse and other harsh circumstances. 30 rescued elephants are now thriving at the resort, along with their mahout caregivers and their families who are provided with practical and ethical work. Resort guests are invited to take part in the rehabilitation of the elephants in a three-day training course led by skilled mahouts during which they learn the basics of elephant care, including feeding, bathing and driving. 

HICAP (Hotel Investment Conference Asia Pacific) is Asia Pacific's most established and recognized conference organizer for the hotel investment and development community. Since 1989, HICAP (Hotel Investment Conference Asia Pacific) events are where the region’s preeminent players and executives gather to meet and network, make deals, explore opportunities, and exchange ideas..

The HICAP Sustainable Hotel Awards were launched in 2007 with the aim of recognizing hotel operators and developers in the Asia Pacific region who demonstrate exemplary sustainable practices and environmentally and culturally responsible development. Through these awards we hope to inspire industry-wide commitment to embracing and proliferating sustainable development as standard practice to help preserve our global and local environments and cultures.