Award Presenter For The Annual HICAP Conference

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HICAP Sustainable Hotel Awards, Hong Kong

Craft House Founder and Director, Yvette Jong, has had the pleasure of presenting one of the annual HICAP Sustainable Hotel Awards for many years. Jong has always had a passion for building spaces that are good for the environment, community and investors. She was first introduced to HICAP in 2007 while working at Howarth. Prior to founding Craft House, Jong published a study in 2010 for HICAP and WWF about sustainable hotels and has been introducing the Sustainable Hotel Awards since.  

SHANGRI-LA’S FIJIAN RESORT & SPA in YANUCA, FIJI Received the 2011 Sustainable Hotel Award  

Shangri-La’s Fijian Resort & Spa is situated on Yanuca Island, which is characterized by diverse eco-systems, ranging from natural coastal forest and mangroves to various fringing coral formations. Integral to preserving the unique natural environment upon which the resort’s appeal and local livelihood’s are based, is a strong and healthy relationship with the community of Cuvu.

Among the initiatives carried out in partnership with the community is the Waibulabula (Living Waters) Project, set up in 1999 to restore coral reefs, mangroves and stream health through the management and treatment of discharged ef uent waste, and in providing local communities with ways of treating waste naturally.

Subsequently, in 2001, the resort, with the support of the local Paramount Chief, orchestrated the declaration of the immediate waters surrounding Yanuca Island as a marine protected area. This result followed on workshops facilitated by ‘Partner in Community Development Fiji’ (PCDF) working with community members and leaders in setting up management plans for their natural resources, including their qoliqoli (traditional fishing grounds). These workshops were critical in gaining community trust, support and custodianship for the ongoing management of their marine environment in accordance with traditional and governmental structures. The unique partnership between the Resort, the community and PCDF was designated “a model site for coral reef restoration’ by the United Nations Environment Program. To complement such efforts, the Shangri-La Marine Education Centre was set up to create awareness to guests, staff, local schools and the wider community on the importance of coral reef conservation.

Other community initiatives include local school set-up and rehabilitation projects, the tting of 5,000 water tanks in local villages and schools, the provision of accommodations, meals and funding for local charities and visiting healthcare related missions and the organization of regular activities integrating community, staff and guest participation/ interaction and environmental awareness. 

HICAP (Hotel Investment Conference Asia Pacific) is Asia Pacific's most established and recognized conference organizer for the hotel investment and development community. Since 1989, HICAP (Hotel Investment Conference Asia Pacific) events are where the region’s preeminent players and executives gather to meet and network, make deals, explore opportunities, and exchange ideas.

The HICAP Sustainable Hotel Awards were launched in 2007 with the aim of recognizing hotel operators and developers in the Asia Pacific region who demonstrate exemplary sustainable practices and environmentally and culturally responsible development. Through these awards we hope to inspire industry-wide commitment to embracing and proliferating sustainable development as standard practice to help preserve our global and local environments and cultures.