Bambu luxury in Bali - environmentally AND financially sound

Photo by Tai Power Seefe

Photo by Tai Power Seefe

Our client's have received a ton of press this week. From receiving a Sustainable Operations reward at the HICAP conference in Hong Kong for their hotel Bambu Indah, to being featured on tonight's America's Next Top Model episode (Cycle 20 episode 13), and receiving a 10 page spread in New York Magazine for the work they do with bamboo. Congratulations!

Founded by John and Cynthia Hardy, the sustainability philosophy of Bambu Indah developed from its origin. Only two trees were relocated to accommodate eleven antique century-old Javanese houses, while new structures including the lobby, restaurant and new houses showcase their passion for bamboo as an alternative to rainforest timber. Bamboo takes three years to grow to full maturity and has the strength to scaffold even Hong Kong’s skyscrapers.

Throughout the hotel, sustainability and innovation are evident. Stilted structures promote passive cooling, so air conditioning is rarely needed. Unpaved paths minimize stormwater runoff. And their pool is lined with recyclable polyurethane instead of poured concrete.

Virtually no building is permanent.

Their pool is filtered with lava stones instead of chlorine, so guests can swing off a Tarzan swing and swim with the fish. Water is pumped from the river and filtered using a hospital-grade filtration system for drinking water, showers drain straight into the soil, waste is composted to create fertilizer, organic farms form the hotel’s landscape, and farm-to-table cuisine shapes its menu.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with him and his hotel for the past 5 months and I can say that this eco-chic hotel isn’t only environmentally sustainable, but it’s financially sound and absolutely scalable.

In his words, “If you like sustainability, you’ll go to sleep smiling. And if you like money, you’ll go to sleep smiling”

Bambu Indah Sayan, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia +62 361 977 922