Puffy stickers and infographics

Conference organizers and sponsors spend serious cash on displays but don't think much about using them to engage with attendees. 

"Back in April, I wrote a blog post challenging conference organizers and sponsors to stimulate attendees in new ways. At our second annual TEDxVictoriaHarbour event in Hong Kong, we did just that. Here's one of the things we did.

It kills me to make a banner for an event that will be used once. So for this year's TEDxVictoriaHarbour event, I made it an installation, a data collection point, an interactive tool and a souvenir. How? I designed a wall with an outline of the world and an invitation to our 300 guests to tell us their favorite travel destinations.

The reason? I wanted to:

1. Engage attendees.

2. Collect data.

3. Have another talking point.

4. Have more social engagement.

5. Create a live infographic.

What did we do at the conference?

1. We gave each attendee a pile of puffy stickers.

2. And told them to go nuts.

The results?

1. Mountains and valleys of attendees' favorite and least desired travel destinations.

2. Data: Infographics are amazing tools used to communicate data into easy-to-digest visuals that speak more than words.

3. After being cut into squares, souvenirs for distribution.


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