Editing is necessary when trying to reach target audiences

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Today I had coffee with one of the most passionate men I know. He's a determined individual with such a genuine passion for sustainable development and tourism, that’s he’s ready to break stigmas in his pursuit of it. He and I can talk endlessly about the topic, we finish each other's sentences and our values resonate with one another's. To me, after the endless hours of discussion over numerous cups of coffee, his motivations are clear. To the public, his ideas and passion are but a website with too much information, filled with bold and unrealistic statements and impossible goals. Looking at his site, I can understand how he's become a target for criticism and "green washing." These people can’t even begin to understand his motivations, because they've lost interest and have become critics along the way.

How do you ensure your message isn't lost in communication? When writing the content for your marketing materials, know your audience, and find the right words and language to tell a story that's compelling, genuine, captivating and relevant. Sometimes it isn't good enough to do a good thing; poor communication can ruin a good story.