TEDxVictoriaHarbour: ideas worth spreading

If I ever start watching TEDTalks online, I'll find myself engrossed in presentations from some of the most inspiring speakers out there.  I'll find myself sitting at the edge of my chair, wanting to ask questions, debate topics,  laugh and cry, and all the while I'm sitting there by myself with my computer.  I became so inspired by these talks that I applied for the license to organize a TEDx event here in Hong Kong to share Ideas Worth Spreading using the amazing TED platform.Our independently organized TEDx event is operated under a license from TED, and while the theme is "Destination Asia", we're doing everything in our power to ensure the speakers and audience are part of a global TED community passionate about sharing remarkable ideas to help shape the future of the world.  Key to the success of any TED and TEDx event is the lineup of speakers, and so I'm on the hunt for new voices scarcely heard, new ideas never seen, emotional connections, inspiring stories and talks that'll make us laugh so hard we cry.

Are you up for the task?  Want to share an idea worth spreading?

Visit us, like us, spread the word! TEDxVictoriaHarbour http://www.TEDxVictoriaHarbour.com Theme: Destination Asia May 2012

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