Troutbeck - Revival of an Historic Manor House & Conference Hotel

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Troutbeck is a 5,000 acre 18th-century manor-estate in upstate New York whose original owners hosted the likes of Henry Thoreau and Theodore Roosevelt. Prior to 2016, it was a mid-tier conference and wedding facility. In 2017, Troutbeck was purchased by hotelier Anthony Champalimaud with the intention of renovating the property and reviving it to become a luxurious retreat destination and gathering place. Before this could happen, Champalimaud needed to find the right balance between maintaining the character and charm of the estate while recreating the experience to appeal to today's discerning traveler. 

Craft House Solution

A specialized team of Craft House consultants was engaged to prepare Troutbeck for it’s reopening in 2017. Craft House’s first task focused on concept refinement and brand positioning coupled with financial strategy. Troutbeck’s brand and financial strategy would focus on the deep history of the manor, the woodsy location offering a respite a throwing stone’s distance from NYC, and a modern take on luxury to rival more traditional manor-style properties in the tri-state area. Next up was to align the facilities program, customer journey and operating strategy with the brand positioning. The number one goal during renovations was to enhance the guest experience while keeping to the true nature and character of Troutbeck. The experience for guests needed to strike the perfect balance between experience and authenticity. In addition, it was critical to ensure the new design and layout would maximize sales potential and operating efficiencies. Rooms needed to be reconfigured wisely and the experience for employees needed to circumvent challenges innate to historical buildings. Finally, Craft House spearheaded the executive search and placement of the general manager. The results of Troutbeck and Craft House’s efforts speak for themselves. What has developed is a revised meeting space for locals and travelers to explore creative expression, intellectual discussion, and physical activity at a cozy property brimming with stories of it’s distinguished guests of the past.

TROUTBECK . 515 Leedsville Rd Amenia, NY 12501 . .

Now it’s an ideal Manhattan-escape destination at the weekend with 37 rooms bearing the chic imprimatur of Champalimaud mère...
— Financial Times, How to Spend It, December 19 2017