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Finding a place for mindfulness in the hospitality industry

We exist in a transformative period of change in the hospitality industry with a shift in thought to mindfulness and overall health of our companies, clients and internal customers. To experience hospitality in its truest most honest form, one must be authentic, genuine and embrace each new moment as an opportunity to leave a lasting impression. That is exactly what mindfulness is, tuning into the moment and cultivating awareness in yourself.

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We got Jamie Oliver to cook for our team

Your employees are on the front line and are given the difficult task to deliver their very best to each and every customer. Are employers doing what they can to show appreciation and recognition? The companies I worked with in the past did amazing things to show their appreciation and have, as a result, generated great loyalty amongst employees and alums. 

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From the customer journey to the employee journey

When the option to choose where you can work is increasing, it’s no longer about a hiring experienced managers and employees to operate the hotel.It’s now about ensuring employee values are aligned with those of your brand, and ensuring that the employer-employee dynamic is carefully managed to build strategic and long-term relationships.

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