It’s the perfect hashtag as it combines business with pleasure and ultimately, isn’t blurring those two together what we all strive for? The work-live balance has been a long time struggle but we are seeing less office time and more “me time” specifically when it comes to the Millennial workforce. Is face time a thing of the past? Does the commitment to work take second to living your life on your schedule? What happened to waiting until your boss leaves until you can slyly sneak out of the office? You never heard, “ I have to go, I have to get to yoga and I need a fresh pressed juice first” as an excuse for leaving early 10 years ago. My Husband and I were just watching the movie “The Intern” a movie about hiring senior aged interns and how they may positively affect the current tech driven/ socially conscious workforce. While Anne Hathaway and Robert DeNiro were amazing it triggered discussion about old fashioned school of thought, in which the intern or staff wouldn’t dare depart before the senior boss. However, these days, if you have a pilates class to get to, or a seminar on making the perfect avocado toast, or want to go volunteer at a local farm these young Millennials have no problem making sure that pleasure trumps business almost on a daily basis and this is translating to the way Millennials travel for business.

We are seeing this trend take place on an international level specifically in the UK. 52% of the UK workforce travels for business more than they did 5 years ago and they want more than just business on these trips, they add on a couple of days before or after inviting the family to make it a vacation. “The study also found that businesses are becoming more sympathetic to employees creating their own ‘Bleasure stays’, with 45% of UK employers involved in the survey reporting that they will support the new trend, as long as it doesn’t interfere with work.”

The Millennial generation is inspired by experiences and value companies that offer opportunities that connect with their ideology and this ideology is based on having unique local experiences which include less stress and a stronger focus on health and wellness. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t out for a bargain, these Millennial business people have preferences on loyalty but they won’t sacrifice comfort The Boston Consulting Group did a study which revealed the following, Millennials will spend 13% more on airline tickets than non-millennials traveling for business and the study estimates that one-third of all U.S. spending on business flights is from the Millennial segment. If they are going to fly for business, they sure as heck are going to make it comfortable. How else will they travel comfortably with their 6 electronic devices while simultaneously blogging and posting on social media?

Traveling for work used to evoke feeling of staying in some dark dingy hotel with bad room service, but this savvy new crop of career driven Millennials are smart. They book at hotels where they gain loyalty points, they invite their significant others to join them on trips, they don’t miss their exercise, they try local craft beers. They believe that mixing pleasure while on a business trip is the perfect recipe for success. Their reason for travel… bleasure.