Give the (wo)man a drink

Happy Hour Social.jpeg

Most business travelers are quick to stay in their room and order room service. Is there an opportunity to bring single business travelers down to belly up at the bar with other travelers and make some extra revenue?

"There are two general types of single business (and leisure) travelers: those who don't mind being solo, and those who wish they weren't.
Let's look at those who wish they weren't traveling alone (again), living out of a suitcase, missing their friends and family, sulking in a hotel room glued to their smartphones and work with a game playing on the TV, and feeling bad for wanting a cold adult beverage. What if business hotels offered single travelers a drink voucher to use during a regularly scheduled networking mixer at the bar during happy hour? The cost could be covered by the hotel (just as a breakfast voucher for a second guest would), salty snacks can keep them thirsty and successful interactions would likely result in additional beverage revenue and a potential dinner reservation or two!

Is anyone doing this? Why, or why wouldn't you?

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Craft House Founder and Director, Yvette Jong, contributes regularly to her HOTELS Magazine Blog titled, "The Good, the Bad and the Funky." Topics of discussion include all aspects of hospitality development, operations, branding, marketing, human resources, sustainability and much more.