Independent travelers need not be lonely


Find Travelers

  • Ajungo lets you find travelers sharing the same itinerary
  • Globetrooper lets you to create trip itineraries and invite others, or, conversely, search trips to join by region or activity
  • Gomio lets you connect with other travelers before your so you can coordinate activities and excursions.
  • KLM lets you link your social media profile to your check-in information and choose seating partners according to their profile.

Find Places to Stay

  • CouchSurfing lets you find free accommodation in local homes, often times with locals or expats who are more than welcome to provide you with endless tips on things to do and where to go.
  • Airbnb lets you access spare rooms or entire homes for rent - they're network is in 2,000 cities across 200 countries.
  • CampInMyGarden lets you find people's yards that you can rent and pitch your tent in.

Get Local

  • Vayable connects you with locals offering unique tours like street art tours, hummus tours, motorcycle tours, etc!
  • TripTrotting helps you find locals with similar interests
  • Wander app links you up with a local guide who will "show you around" via texts and photos in exchange for a similar virtual tour of your city.

Share Info

  • Gogobot lets you to create your own travel profile, share tips and advice, and connect through Facebook to read friends' reviews. The site also ranks users based on their activity and review count, so you can see how much of a "travel expert" someone is when reading their reviews.
  • Travelmuse lets you add a bookmarker to your toolbar and save photos, websites, and text to a trip research folder. You can add destinations to your trip and look at what other users have done in the past to get ideas. The tool helps you stay organized with an itinerary calendar as well as get collaborative feedback from friends through Facebook. Once your trip planning is complete, save it to your computer or print it out to carry with you.