China is the new Texas, but who cares?

China loves its superlatives. Everything now has to be the biggest, fastest or tallest. But really, who cares? Below are some superlatives that might be impressive, but when developers and designers tell me they have grand plans to build the largest hotel lobby, porte cochere or awning, I honestly can’t help but laugh to myself. Really, who cares? Would they ever stay at a hotel because it had the biggest driveway? And don’t they not realize how quickly such superlatives are diminished by new developers claiming the same silly thing? Think about Shanghai’s World Financial Center, which was the tallest building in the world for a split second before the Burj Dubai and Abraj Al-Bait Towers were built.

Some superlatives in China:

  • Population (1.34 bn)
  • Beijing Airport (3 km / 1.8 mi long)
  • Beijing-Shanghai bullet train (380 kph / 236mph)
  • Mission Hills Golf resort (12 courses, 3000 caddies)
  • Jiaozhou Bay Bridge (42.5 km / 23 mi long).
  • The list goes on.