Kindles rule the beaches amongst savvy travelers

Photo by Popular Science

Photo by Popular Science

We've seen more Kindles and Nooks in the past month across the beaches and shores of Tel Aviv, Istanbul and Kota Kinabalu than We've seen our whole lives, and we have to admit we were jealous of their smart and savvy beachgoing owners. In an urban setting these black and white readers may seem archaic (they certainly aren't as cool or trendy as iPads) but for travelers who want to read in the sun, these e-readers are the way to go. Get one and you'll be the envy of everyone on the beach.

Benefits we know, but can't stress enough:

  • E-ink may be B&W, but you can read in direct sunlight
  • Starting at $79, you won't stress over bringing them to the beach
  • They're tiny and the small ones can fit in your back pocket
  • They're lighter than the paperback and easy to hold with one hand in any beach lazing position
  • A single charge allows you to use them for up to 2 months - perfect for long trips and getting off the beaten track
  • There's still built in WiFi, PDF readers, tons of free books, you can download free booksfrom your public library, etc.



 by Amazon starting at $79



by Barnes & Noble starting at $139 - though not sure why you'd get this when the Kindle is almost half the price.